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A floor furnace is a heating system installed under the floor. Floor furnaces are frequently used in homes with no ductwork. A floor furnace operates through the process of convection by releasing hot air into the house which warms up the surrounding air.

Floor furnaces are more popular in warmer climates, mostly California and the southern United States, because there is usually no need to heat the whole house in these regions.

Floor furnaces have been in use for centuries since early Roman times and are gaining popularity pretty fast. They are usually installed in bathrooms and patios since they provide heat to the room exclusively. Floor furnaces are a perfect choice for limited spaces in your house or if you want to get rid of wall-mounted bulky heaters that spoil the visual appeal of a room. Since they are installed beneath the floor, they are practically unseen.

The floor furnace has a boiler that is powered with propane or natural gas. The boiler heats the water and then runs it through pipes installed under the floor. Later the heat to the room is transferred through warm air convection with the help of the pipe system. The warmth of the floor produces this warm air convection and provides a comfortable temperature. This exceptional method of heating a room is very effective and affordable. It is also easy to control, energy-saving and economical, providing some health benefits as well.

A wall thermostat is installed on the wall in the same room with the floor furnace. It makes it more convenient to regulate the temperature in the room. This is the only part of the furnace that is visible except for the grate on the floor.

A total amount of energy savings is that of 15-40% while using a floor furnace in comparison to other methods. Besides considerable energy savings, this form of heating will keep the room humidity at a relatively low level. Family members that may suffer from asthma, allergies, or any breathing difficulties find this fact very beneficial. Installing a floor furnace is an important decision that you will have to make, but it will exceed all your expectations.

“Thank you Cerritos Plumbing! I am very pleased with my new tankless water heater. Your technicians worked very hard and didn’t leave until they were sure I had hot water. Integrating the tankless into my existing hydronic heating system was a challenge, but your team did a great job trouble-shooting an installing the right equipment.”

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